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[VHFcontesting] 50mhz Antenna Design Question

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] 50mhz Antenna Design Question
From: k1dh1@hotmail.com (Donald Huntington)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:03 2003
Boy the guy in the picture looks familiar. He had a full head of hair! Also the 
station was in the white van and was the TR6, This probably dates to the late 
70's or early&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;80's. Do you know.? MGEF could use this on 
their web site if you can date it.&nbsp;&nbsp; Thanks for the memory,&nbsp; 
73,&nbsp; Don&nbsp; K1DH

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&gt;Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] 50mhz Antenna Design Question 

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&gt;Remember this? 


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&gt; &gt; Hi Jim, Why don't you contact Steve, K1FO directly?You can get his 

&gt;from arrl.org and hopefully his phone number from switchboard.com. I know 

&gt;has done extensive testing with his antennas and could steer you in the 

&gt;right direction. Good luck, 73 Don K1DH 

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&gt; &gt; &gt;Subject: [VHFcontesting] 50mhz Antenna Design Question 

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&gt; &gt; &gt;Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 17:48:47 -0500 

&gt; &gt; &gt; 

&gt; &gt; &gt;50mhz reflector 

&gt; &gt; &gt; 

&gt; &gt; &gt;Hello all on the list and please forgive the bandwidth... 

&gt; &gt; &gt; 

&gt; &gt; &gt;I'm trying to configure a couple of antenna arrays for 2M and 


&gt; &gt; &gt;pairs of K1FO-12 for 2M and a pair of K1FO-15 for 432 in the 
E-plane on a 


&gt; &gt; &gt;ft tower, and while using Yagi Max I noticed that the wider the 


&gt; &gt; &gt;between the antennas the narrower the beam width of the main 
lobe. Most 


&gt; &gt; &gt;the reading I've been seeing on the subject varies widely 
regarding the 

&gt; &gt; &gt;'optimum' spacing. 

&gt; &gt; &gt;The original design parameters by Paul, K1FO states one thing and 
YM 3.11 

&gt; &gt; &gt;states another for optimum spacing for antennas of his design. 


&gt; &gt; &gt;have written that .9 W/L is optimal for all arrays...(confusion 
sets in.) 


&gt; &gt; &gt;have noticed a tighter pattern on the main lobe provides a 
cleaner F/B 


&gt; &gt; &gt;as well but it lends itself to having the antennas spaced at 1.5 
W/L or 

&gt; &gt; &gt;larger!!! 

&gt; &gt; &gt;My question is rather simple...is it more desirable for one to 
have a 

&gt; &gt; &gt;narrower or wider bandwidth pattern on the main lobe, or is it 
rather a 

&gt; &gt; &gt;matter of aesthetics over gain? As the gain itself does not 

&gt; &gt; &gt;appreciably to offset the necessity of a narrower band width 

&gt; &gt; &gt; 

&gt; &gt; &gt;Jim, N2YEV 

&gt; &gt; &gt;n2yev@arrl.net 

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