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[VHFcontesting] ** VHF-Meteorscatter-database **

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] ** VHF-Meteorscatter-database **
From: dl8ebw@t-online.de (dl8ebw@t-online.de)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:03 2003

Hallo dear VHF meteorscatter friends, 

as you possible know, the VHF-DX-Group DL-West has built up a
VHF-database, to spread infos about activities and locations
of active DXers. A part of our big VHF-database is the 
Therefore it is necessary to ask from time to time about your
details and data-updates. We will try to spread around a new
issue of these ms-database (version 1.85) in may 2002 and a total 
update of our VHF-database (version 1.90) in second half of the
year 2002! 

Please fill in your details in the sample down of this infotext,
or info about call / locator of new active stations on VHF/UHF...
Please be so kind to send it back to the editior of this database: 

DL8EBW, Guido Juenkersfeld, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West 

via PR-BBS-System:       DB0NDK.#NRW.DEU.EU 
via Cluster-System:      DB0MDX or DB0NOR-9 
via e-mail:              dl8ebw@t-online.de

The MS-database will be given out as text file (zipped) or sorted 
file (zipped) for use with the WSJT programm from K1JT and will 
be free of charge to everybody!!!

BE CAREFULL!!! These MS-database files can NOT be used for using
it into logging programms (VQ-Log) or into DX-Clusters (therefor
you do need our VHF-Database, check announces before!) 

Please check your listened datas up to now at the online-base:


and possible send us a correction in the way as:

           Call      : Rufzeichen :    AB1CDE
           DXCC/WAE  : Land       :    AB
           LOC-WW    : Lokator    :    JO55af
           PR-Adress : PR-BBS     :    DB0CDE
           PR-Cluster: DX-Cluster :    DB0CDE-9
           E-Mail    : Internet   :    user@Botatown.de
           Op-Name   : Vorname    :    Siegbert
           Activity  : Aktivitaet :    50-144-ms-vhfnet.....
           RIG       : Equipment  :    144: 100Watt 11el MGF1302
           NOF/LPM/MS-RIG         :    155 3000lpm MSDSP WSJT
           NOF/SSB   : SSB-QRG    :    144.355
           Update    : Update     :    09/01
     NOF CW/SSB will be the normal-operating-frequenz which is
         used as skedfrequency at  MS, EME, Contest etc.!
   For MS work you also can determine the max. speed and the way
        of decoding (eg. MSDSP, DTR, WSJT ...) you will use!

Because of privaty protection, we will NOT spread out any adress-
or telefon-datas! (personal datas can be better find in callbooks,
searchroutines or Call-Databases like QRZ.com!) If you wants to 
send us your adress or tel.nr. it will be given only to our 
vhf-group datapool!

Wuppertal 16-03-2002   73 de DL8EBW, Guy, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West

*            D L 8 E B W  Guido (Guy)  DL66a/JO31nf   +++++++++++++ *
*  73 de        * *  VHF-DX-Group DL-West * *              I        *
*          qrv Meteorscatter in SSB and CW (3500lpm)   VHF I DX     *
*       Editor of the "MS-Shower-List" & "VHF-DX-Database"          *
*    Every info or sked will be very welcome! Please send it via:   *
*           PR-BBS: DB0NDK.#NRW.DEU.EU  DX-Cluster: DB0MDX          *
* E-Mail: dl8ebw@t-online.de  VHF-Group: http://www.qsl.net/dl8ebw/ *

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