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Subject: [VHFcontesting] VQLog
From: hazy119@westelcom.com (James Hayes)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:03 2003
Hi Dan et al;
I've been using VQ Log exclusively for about a year now and have found it
very useful as well as versatile. It comes with the grid maps (regional and
world) to take care of curiosity about what has been worked (or could be
worked). These can be printed in color and B&W for  tracking reasons or what
have you.
It is probably the most versatile I've used and I've tried them all (demo
mode). Can't say enough about the usefulness of it for VHF/UHF, it tracks
VUCC, DXCC, WAS and many more awards programs, etc.
You can download a demo to try it out and you'll see just how useful it
really is for a great many aspects of logging. I would think (not that I do
roving ops) that it would be great for that as well. For the full-featured
version one can pay $15.00 and get free updates for 2 years to boot.
If you are a pro at MS Access, in which it was written, you can modify the
base program as well to include other features not supported or further
customize the features there already.
Give it a try I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how useful and
powerful it is for VHF/UHF and HF contacts. There is also a support website,
and reflector dedicated to its development that one can have access to and
Gabriel is very prompt in getting with those who need a bit more assistance
in using it!
Sorry for the extensive bandwidth and sounding like an advertisement, but it
is a rather good program for logging VHF/UHF and having seen several posts
over the months about grid maps this may help those looking for them as well
as they are included in the program!
Give it a try...

Jim, N2YEV
Plattsburgh, NY

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I've been considering trying out VQ Log.  Primarily for logging VHF/UHF, and
some casual HF stuff.

It doesn't appear to be set up for Rover use, but my old DOS laptop wouldn't
run it anyway so that's not a problem.

Anyone using VQ Log?  Care to comment on your likes, or dis-likes?

Now, back to that antenna work....

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