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[VHFcontesting] Re: [Mw] K1TR/B 23cm beacon turned off

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Re: [Mw] K1TR/B 23cm beacon turned off
From: wa1hco@adelphia.net (jeff millar)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:29 2003
You might try moving the beacon to a lower frequency.  K1GHZ (NH microwave
club) put a beacon and then a repeater on 1290.1 on Mt. Uncanoonic in
Manchester NH and Haystack didn't have a problem...but they did discuss it.
If we bumped up the power, we have to move lower....we're considering
changing to a 12 MHz split with output on 1282.1.

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Subject: [Mw] K1TR/B 23cm beacon turned off

> Within 48 hours of turning up the new K1TR/B on 1296.300 in
> Derry, NH, I got a phone call from Chief Engineer at the Millstone
> Hill Observatory (Haystack Obs.) in Westford, MA.  This would
> turn out to be the first (and last) signal report I would receive for this
> beacon.  The good news: they are hearing it loud and clear!
> The bad news:
> The engineer indicated that the signal was impacting the
> observatory's capability to track satellites in certain directions,
> and that the recipient of the satellite tracking information, the US
> Air Force, would not be pleased.  Their radar takes up 8 MHz, centered
> at 1295.0 MHz, with the antenna being an 80 foot dish.  My beacon is
> less than 30 miles LOS from the observatory site.  Hams in this part
> of New England could argue that we don't need another beacon; we can all
> hear the 3 MegaWatt Millstone signal when they fire up.  Of course the
> problem is you don't know when they will transmit and the signal intensity
> varies considerably.
> So the 23cm beacon is off the air while the companion 33 cm beacon
> unabated (signal reports are still appreciated for this one).
> Anybody have a good UHF site more than 50 miles from Westford but still in
> New England, and would be willing to host the beacon, drop me a line.
> Ed, K1TR, FN42IU
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