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[VHFcontesting] Full Web results now published

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Full Web results now published
From: ezimmerm@erols.com (Eugene Zimmerman)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:30 2003
As promised, the full Web results are now on the ARRL Web at


This includes all the boxes -- top Qs/band, top mults/band, top Regional
scores, etc.

It also includes an expanded text from Ned AA7A.  This one is much richer
than the space-restricted version that is published in the magazine with
added tables, graphics and numerous interesting pictures.  In fact IMO the
Web version is the one to read - much more informative.

While I have your partial attention, I would like to make a personal comment
concerning the Limited Multi class. Being one of the K8GP operators I would
like to say that the entry of K8GP into the LM class was not a conscious
decision but one forced upon us by circumstances.  We started 3 operators
short and had to ask one of the rovers to come to the mountain to maintain
even a minimal crew of 8. Then after several years of relatively good
fortune - read - we could repair or replace everything that broke in real
time - we just ran out of luck. The 500 watt 903 brick failed, the 2304
station failed, both 5 and 10 GHz TWT power supplies failed, the 222 driver
melted down and finally when the water cooling system on the 800 watt 6
tuber on 1296 sprang a serious leak and distilled water with 1500 volts on
it started heading for out feet we threw in the towel - or rather threw the
towel at the water - and moved into the LM category.  In so doing we
inadvertently caused the fine effort of our neighbors W4IY from Flagpole
Knob to be overlooked.  Ned recognizes their fine 526k point effort in the
Web results: Almost lost in this region is another outstanding effort by the
team at W4IY." but alas it is lost in the abbreviated QST report.

Moreover the move of K3YTL to LM was in keeping with what they have been
doing every June/Sept contest since at least Sept of 1998 except for June
2001.  I don't want to speak for them but their operators have told me that
they have had serious problems getting enough operators to man a full
multi-multi.  More's the pity because K3YTL's microwave station is usually
assembled by Gerry K3MKZ of SSB Electronics who is not only a fine operator
but is bone loud. For those of you who have never tried to put together a
serious multi-multi you need at least 10 operators to do it without having a
bunch of exhausted and non-productive ops at the end of the contest: 2 on 6;
2 on 2; 1 each on 222, 432; 2 on the microwaves [usually 903/1296 and
everything else]; and 2 spares who get to do a lot of operation - 1 for 6
and 2 and 1 for 222 and above. With the advent of WSJT preventing even a
short night's sleep on 6 and 2 and the increase in microwave activity a
couple more will soon be required. Remember also these ops - or often a
small subset of them - also need to erect the station if it's portable and
tear it down on Monday morning.  Better you should have 22 operators like

Enjoy the Web report and all the linked data.

73  Gene  W3ZZ
World Above 50 MHz
FM19jd  MD
50 => 10 GHz
Grid Pirates Contest Group K8GP
Member, CQWW Contest Advisory Group

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