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[VHFcontesting] VHFcontesting, Get A Grip!

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] VHFcontesting, Get A Grip!
From: meteorsked@hotmail.com (Jason Wilborn)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:20 2003
  You da man Tim !   I agree with you about rule changes entirely .

  73 Everyone

   Jason Wilborn


>From: "Tim Marek" <timm@cccomm.net>
>Subject: [VHFcontesting] VHFcontesting, Get A Grip!
To: <vhfcontesting@contesting.com>
>Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 14:08:51 -0000
>I have stayed on the sidelines on this topic, untill now,
>as my work schedule has kept me too busy to give
>the time needed to read and digest the many Many
>MANY Emails generated to date.
>It is curious how a question on LP or HP Multi-Limited
>turned into this "lets change everything" crusade and while
>we're at it, let's rehash "how the ROVER's got screwed".
>Folks, Rule changes are the last thing we need to do.
>As far as overall participation shrinking, What we are
>seeing is a symptom of society at large, nothing more.
>People have lives outside radio that make more and more
>demands on their time every year. A economy thats all over
>the spectrum from hot to cold, Layoffs, Downsizing, etc.
>Then there are the many other distractions like the Web,
>The Web on DSL :-) , a Wife, Kids, a house that needs work,
>Family, Friends, a demanding job, etc...
>Life seems much more hectic these days forceing us to pick
>and choose how to utilize our ever shrinking "Free Time".
>That being said, There are a few things being discussed that
>just need to let fade away.... Like VHF Contest Rule Changes.
>I for one and damn tired of this group or that group pissed
>off they cant win cause someone else had a better location,
>or a more organized club effort, more bands, more power,
>more operators, and try ro get the rules changed to favor them
>rather than suck it, work on improving their station and skills,
>and realize the life isnt fair, someone else will always have a
>edge. Analyze your efforts to date for areas to improve and do
>so, and quit worrying about the other guy.
>I know the chances of my 4 band effort here in NV have a very very
>very very slim chance of ever winning the US title but I still give
>it everything I got year after year. Why? Because it's FUN! I do
>focus on improving the station, my skills, the location used,
>strategy, etc, rather than look for ways to change the contest to my
>If anyone should want distance scoring it should be someone like me where
>the next active station N, NE, E, SE, or S is typically 200 -300 miles 
>Do I want it, HELL NO! Why make something so difficult to score it drives
>everyone away? Damn silly to me.
>Do I want even "more fractured categories", HELL NO! Why cater to these 
>who wont try a new approach like moutaintop-portable instead of staying at
>in the noise infested valleys.
>I could go on for days but I have spent much to much time here this morning
>as it is.
>Offer enticements like FREE, Yes, FREE T-Shirts and Mugs to the top 100
>but Leave the rules alone!
>Gotta Run!
>73s de Tim - K7XC(/R) - DM09ol... sk
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