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[VHFcontesting] Request for QRP score info

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Request for QRP score info
From: kevin kaufhold <kkaufhold@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 07:17:30 -0700 (PDT)
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I am writing an article on QRP contesting.  For that
article, I have compiled an excel spreadsheet
containing all QRP line scores in the ARRL contests
going back to 1986.  The spreadsheet contains 1300+
line scores, 560+ individual operators, 8.7 + Million
points, etc.  The final article will contain a whole
horde of such numerical info, as well as noting some
interesting trends and history of the QRP category.

As part of the verification process on the data input,
I am asking for the assistance of anyone on this
reflector who has ever run the QRP category in any
ARRL VHF contest.  I am interested in verifying both
large and small scores. Even if you only had a couple
of hundred QRP points in one single contest, I want to
verify your score and call-sign external of my own
efforts. Such external verification straight from the
operator's own notes is a most important step at
determining the overall accuracy of the data, as well
as estimating an error rate to the data. 

Please give me any call-signs that you submitted
scores under, and I will give you the output for all
lines scores, sections, and contest dates that I think
you ran in.  Then, if you could be so kind as to 
double-check your own records and let me know if I am
right or not on the data, I would greatly appreciate
your efforts.

As an example of the output of the spreadsheet, I ran
my own call-sign through the spreadsheet, and it
generated the following info.  

Call Sec.   Year  Jan    June    Sept  Total  Logs

W9GKA IL    1998        22,515          22,515  1
W9GKA IL    1999   518   8,320           8,838  2
W9GKA IL    2000         7,198           7,198  1
W9GKA IL    2001         3,072           3,072  1
W9GKA IL    2002         7,865           7,865  1
W9GKA IL    2003 7,065   5,192          12,257  2

Ttl, all yrs     7,583  48,970   5,192  61,745  8
Ttl, last 5      7,583  26,455   5,192  39,230  7

Place, all yrs                   34 out of 562  
Place, last 5 years              16 out of 169  

You can reply directly to my e-mail address.  Thank
you so much.  

Kevin Kaufhold

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