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[VHFcontesting] K9GTJ Contest Report

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] K9GTJ Contest Report
From: Jim Hunt <k9gtj@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 05:59:21 -0700 (PDT)
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What a great contest for me!  I am still a new to contesting and have no real 
set up but did have a great time and what I personally consider a great score 
all things considered.
This was my third VHF contest and just my fourth contest overall.  However this 
time I was able to participate with a new 6 meter beam.  I picked up a 4 
element 6 meter beam to use for Field Day wanted to give it a try.  I put in on 
a fiberglass pole about 12’ in the air.  Being in the flat land of Indiana, 
there was no natural height so that was it.
I made a quick QSO to Texas Saturday morning 4 or 5 hours before the contest so 
I knew the antenna was working.  I didn’t think to compare it to my 6M – 20M 
vertical antenna on my roof. When the contest started, I made just three 
contacts in my first 4 hours and two of them were local in my own county.  
However I was not discouraged and kept plugging away.  The only bad aspect was 
the antenna need rotated by hand so I made a lot of trips outside repositioning 
the beam.  With a nice opening I managed to end Saturday with 19 contacts 
before bedtime.  (OK, real contesters don’t sleep but I did.  *grin*)
Sunday morning started off with a bang and I have never heard so much activity 
on the band.  I am still slow logging and in fact I usually write down the call 
and grid before I ever answer a CQ.  I was only once the one calling CQ that 
resulted in a pile up and that was on HF during the Indiana QSO Party.  I know 
I lost a couple of contacts due to my poor logging skills so with the band open 
big time, I didn’t bother calling CQ in this opening.  I just stuck to find 
others calling CQ.
My highlight on Sunday was contacting KR1ST/R in FM02 on my first try .  That 
was pretty exciting!  
Sadly the opening was cut short when I received a weather alert that stated a 
40 MPH gust front was heading in my direction in 30 minutes.  I quickly 
dismantled the antenna to prevent damage.  I also knew rain was coming a little 
later and my grass needed mowed sometime on Sunday since I was not going to be 
home the rest of the week so I didn't get back on during the opening.
I did plan on getting back on with my vertical later Sunday but severe weather 
came through and I had to go spot followed with an 8 or 9 hour power outage.  
(I was too lazy to get out the generator I use for Field Day.)
In the end I finished with a modest score with 30 contacts, 23 grids, and 690 
points.  The main point for me was to have fun which I did.  The next VHF 
contest in July will see me with the 6 meter beam on top of the 10’ climbing 
tower on my roof of a 2 story home.  In conjunction with that will be a 10 
element 2 meter beam so I can run both bands and have a rotor.  (Ah the 
I do have a question; I have not pursued any grid squares for an award but 
think I have enough experience now to start collecting.  What is the 
best/official method to keep track?  
Thanks again to everyone for a fun contest and extra thanks to those that made 
contact with me.
Jim Hunt
EN60vl - Kokomo, Indiana
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