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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Internet at DL88...
From: Marshall Williams <k5qe@sabinenet.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 04:50:21 +0000
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Hello to all 6M grid chasers and VHFers....

As you may know, the K5N Grid Activation Group is going to make one more 
try at DL88 this summer at the end of June.  We really want to have 
Internet down there, so we have been researching(once again) various 
possible ways to achieve that.  The only method that we have found so 
far, is called BGAN.  A BGAN terminal is basically a satellite modem for 
Internet.....you also can have normal phone too.

There are only a few BGAN firms that will rent us a BGAN terminal for a 
week or two(they like 1 year contracts).  After you get the BGAN 
terminal, then you have to pay for the dreaded "Data Plan".  We have 
found a firm that will rent us the terminal for two weeks for $90 and 
will sell us IP data.  They have two plans that seem like they might 
work for us:  1)25MB for $249 and 2)50MB for $399.  Obviously, both of 
those are pretty limited and pretty expensive.  However, we could talk 
to the world and let people know what we were doing, etc.

My QUESTION is this:  Does anyone know any better way to get Internet in 
DL88 other than BGAN?  Does anyone have an "IN" to the BGAN world so 
that we can get a terminal for a couple of weeks(7 days is all we really 
need) and hopefully, pay a bit less for the data??

Clearly, if we do this, we will not be able to sit on PingJockey and BS 
with the world.  PingJockey is a very "busy" web page and thousands of 
KB of data flows every few minutes that you watch PingJockey.  We are 
considering using the Packet Cluster via Telnet.  We can filter the 
posts that come to us so that only posts containing "K5N" would be 
transmitted.  This will cut the IP traffic to the bare minimum.  In 
addition, we avoid the overhead of web pages or email.  This seems to be 
a simple approach that minimizes the IP traffic--a MAJOR big deal here.  
People would still be able to post small messages to us(almost like 
PingJockey) and we would be able to talk back, if we wished to do so.

I don't know how to use the Packet Cluster yet, but I suppose that I 
will have to learn.  We simply cannot use any method that passes 
hundreds of megabytes of data a day--unless someone can get us a free 
account--all donations gratefully accepted.....HI.  Your comments and / 
or ideas here.  Does this look like a reasonable approach?  Even with 
rigid controls on how much data we use, this will probably cost about 
$500 after all is over, so if someone knows of a better way, now is the 
time.....Please contact me directly off the reflector.  Thank you very 

73 Marshall K5QE
Member K5N Grid Activation Group
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