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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] The 2nd Annual K5N DXpedition....
From: "Barry Hansen" <barry@k7bwh.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 05:43:53 -0800
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Are you curious to know if you're in range of EL28 for meteor scatter
There are websites on the Internet to draw circles on a Google map.
Here's a link to one of the tools with a circle centered on EL28 and radius
1100 miles:
Hint, drag the outer marker to resize the circle to get a rough distance
EL28 meteor scatter will cover most of the Midwest and a good part of the
country, but not Seattle (2000 miles) so I'm hoping for some good E-skip!

Barry K7BWH
Seattle CN87xn

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] The 2nd Annual K5N DXpedition....

Hello to all interested in FFMA and 6M grid chasing.....Here is the
announcement of the K5N 2nd Annual Winter DXpedition....If you are
interested in EL28, clear your schedule, be sure your coax is dry and look
for us while we are down there. We would love to work you....

************BEGIN ANNOUNCEMENT************

The K5N Grid Activation Group would like to announce their 2nd Annual Winter
DXpedition.  This time, we are going to EL28, just southwest of Houston.
While EL28 is not a super rare grid, there seem to be a fair number of
people that need that grid.  Marty-AB5GU has graciously allowed us to use an
RV pad that he owns down south of Sargent, TX, for this expedition.  Thanks
a lot Marty!!

We plan to arrive on site late in the afternoon on Saturday, the 29th of
December.  We will begin the camp setup, but it gets dark very early now, so
we will not be operational the evening of the 29th.  We will build the
antennas and get everything setup Sunday morning, Dec 30th and will be QRV
from then until 8AM on Wednesday, Jan 2nd.  At that point, we will tear down
and drive home.

Last year, we operated 50.215MHz and when Es happened, everyone deserted us
and ran down to 50.125MHz.  This time, we are going to try 50.128MHz as our
frequency for Es and MS.  For those few contacts on EME, we will try

Operators for this trip are Bill-N5YA, George-NR5M, Colin-KU5B, Kenny-K5KNY,
and Marshall-K5QE.  We are also expecting some "part time help" from
Dan-N5TM and possibly Danny-N5OMG.

The gear this time will be the same 2 x 6M5X antennas that we used in
DL88 and the DL99-DM90 DXpeditions.  We will have a combined pair of the
M2 6M-1000 amps, so we should be able to run high power the entire time.
When the moon is right, we will attempt a few EME contacts...this in an
attempt to work some of the guys in WA that cannot reach EL28 via Es during
the summer.  Also, Bo-SM7FJE wants to work us.  That would be a cool

Dan-N5TM is working on a private chat page for us to use.  Dan seems to be
an expert on chat pages and clients for those pages. We will announce
exactly how to use the chat feature when Dan gets it finalized.  When we
were in DL88, we tried to use the ON4KST 50MHz
Region2 chat page.  That chat page was so full of EU stations that it was
useless for our purposes.  Dan's private chat page seems like a great
addition to our setup.  We plan to have Internet connectivity through the
cell phone system, so it is important that we don't use much bandwidth.
That is exactly what Dan's pages will do for us.

We hope to work everyone that needs EL28.  Clearly, if we don't get anything
from the winter Es peak, then we will be running a lot of digital meteor
scatter.  MS is a slow mode, but we will do the best that we can.

The main outlines of this expedition are settled, but there could be small
changes as we go along.

I will try to keep everyone posted, so keep an eye out for any further
postings.  Thank you for that.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....

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