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Re: [VHFcontesting] I'm missing from the June VHF contest records - does

To: Bryan Leenheer <bryan.leenheer@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] I'm missing from the June VHF contest records - does anyone know what I might have done wrong?
From: George Fremin III <geoiii@kkn.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 13:10:45 -0800
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On Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 02:32:54PM -0500, Bryan Leenheer wrote:

> Anyone know what I might have done wrong?  I did submit a checklog for some
> contacts I made when I got home from the sand dune I dragged my TS-2000,
> painter's pole, and 3 element 6 meter beam to the top of - was I not
> supposed to do that?

Generally if you submit two logs for a contest with the same callsign
the most recent log will be the one that is kept.

So - yes if you sent in your checklog for the same callsign after you
sent this one in then it will be the log of record for your entry.

> Thanks for any help you can give me, and I'm sorry if my logged contacts
> with you didn't get into your scores.

This may or may not have affected other entries in the contest.
Generally the log checking will notice that a log is incomplete and
is causing a lot of Not In Log (NIL) reports for other
entrants. Usually logs that appear incomplete are found and excluded
from causing other peoples scores from going down.

I have been the log checker for the ARRL June vhf contest for the last
few years. I can look into this further for you if you would like to
know what happened on this end - most of that contest is archived away
but I can take a look.  Send me a direct email if you want me to

On side comment - the ARRL VHF contests do allow you to enter more
than one log in one case. You can enter as a rover and as a fixed
station - the calls are K5TR and K5TR/R so they are different. And if
you do all of the cabrillo stuff right it all works out.  The log
checkers often have to help these dual entries out.  It really
complicates the log checking software and we wish we could get rid of
the rule that allows two entries from the same base callsign.

George Fremin III - K5TR

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