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[VHFcontesting] K5N--Last Announcement before we travel to DM71...

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] K5N--Last Announcement before we travel to DM71...
From: Marshall-K5QE <k5qe@k5qe.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2014 21:06:49 -0500
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Hello to all interested in FFMA or 6M grid chasing in general.....maybe even some 2M grid chasers....

The K5N Grid Activation Group will travel to DM71 beginning on Sunday, Aug 10th. We are planning to arrive around noon on Monday, Aug 11th. We will set up the gear and be on the air thereafter. This is the peak of the Perseids meteor shower and the best times for EME in the month. We will be doing 6M EME during the evening of Aug 11/Aug 12 and then the next day Aug 12/Aug 13. The rest of the time, we will be doing Es(if we get any) or MS via FSK441. We will cease operations at 9AM on Thursday, Aug 14th and begin the drive home.

As usual, Dan-N5TM has made us some chat rooms for our use while we are on the trip. K5N-6m for all 6M operations and K5N-2m for all 2M operations. Please enter the chat rooms via chat.n5tm.com and be sure to sign in with your Call, Name, and Grid. Then click the tab for whichever band you are using. Entering your 6 digit grid will help us know where to point the antenna when we run with you.

We will operate at 50.128MHz if there is any Es, 50.265MHz for FSK meteors, and 50.195MHz for 6M EME. Of course, if there are obstacles, like serious birdies, we will announce any frequency changes in the appropriate chat room. Dan-N5TM will be running 2M from DM71 with 4 x 7el and an M2 2M1K2 amp. Dan has already announced his 2M frequencies, so I will not repeat them here. Always check into the chat rooms for the latest info.

This is a Grid Bandits DXpedition(as were the previous ones), so Joey-W5TFW will be our QSL manager. Please send him your QSL card and an SASE to receive one of the K5N cards in return. It takes at least a month to get the new cards designed and printed, so just send Joey your card and he will get the cards out as soon as he gets the printed blanks. NO HASSLING JOEY ABOUT CARDS!!! JD is our LogoMaster, so we will prevail on him for a logo for the new QSL card.

We really do want to get everyone into the logs, so look for us and give us a try. IF there is no Es, then we will just have to slug it out on MS, which is a slow way to make contacts, but you have to take what you get....

73 es GL to everyone.....

The K5N Grid Activation Group

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