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Re: [VHFcontesting] WSJT-X 2.0

To: Steve Kavanagh <sjkavanagh1@yahoo.ca>
Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] WSJT-X 2.0
From: Mark Spencer <mark@alignedsolutions.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 11:35:04 -0800
List-post: <mailto:vhfcontesting@contesting.com>
If anyone would like to test the new functionally with me over the air please 
let me know.   (I'd be happy to test via HF for those who are out of practical 
VHF range to CN89 / Vancouver BC (I have done a bit of testing on the air but 
would like to do some more.)

I am especially interested in trying out the "/R" call sign functionality with 
several stations running "NA contest mode" on the same frequency at the same 


Mark S

604 762 4099

> On Jul 25, 2018, at 3:39 AM, Steve Kavanagh via VHFcontesting 
> <vhfcontesting@contesting.com> wrote:
> It looks we will only have one more major VHF contest with all the confusion 
> on FT8 with regard to contest mode and rover procedures.  Here is what K1JT 
> posted to the WSJT Yahoo group yesterday.  I suppose there will be some 
> issues with people with out-of-date software, but the 
> backward-incompatibility will soon get them to download the new version.
> 73,
> Steve VE3SMA
> Hi to all,
> Of course we are well aware of the issues many have experienced when 
> using WSJT modes in North American VHF contests. To summarize, there 
> are two main problem areas:
> - Decoding of messages with two callsigns followed by "R " and a
> 4-character grid, and the related auto-sequencing, depend of proper
> and coordinated setting of a checkbox at both stations.
> - There is a crying need for transparent support of "/R" (Rover)
> callsigns in all standard messages, during contests.
> Here's some background information aimed at relative newcomers and 
> casual users of WSJT, followed by a brief preview of program features we 
> plan to make available in Version 2.0 of WSJT-X.
> Contest Mode
> ------------
> Standard JT-style messages (those used in all of the structured WSJT 
> modes) have 71 information bits: two 28-bit callsigns and a 15-bit grid 
> locator. The 15-bit field can alternatively convey a signal report 
> (with optional "R"), or "RRR", "RR73", or "73". One additional bit 
> re-purposes the 71 bits to carry a 13-character free test message. In a 
> 72-bit packet there are NO free bits available to insert "R " before a 
> grid locator, or "/R" after a callsign.
> The "NA VHF Contest" checkbox presently in WSJT-X is a stop-gap feature 
> added in 2016 to the MSK144 mode, and later to FT8. These modes 
> conventionally use 15-second T/R intervals and offer semi-automated 
> message sequencing. NA VHF contests require the exchange of 4-character 
> grid locators. Signal reports are OK, but not required. Contesters 
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