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[VHFcontesting] Where have all the multi & limited & all stations gone?

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Where have all the multi & limited & all stations gone?
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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 13:58:24 -0800
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Sad to say, times continue to change , & some of us think NOT for the better.

My formative years were with K1YLU on mt wachusett, ma & i also spent some time 
in the 90s with WB2ODH/6 on Mt Pinos/Frazier, ca.

Those were great times, but fewer people with substantial stations overall are 
very active with 50mhz & up any more.

I work to get get newbies active, but most do not progress beyond using a 
J-pole instead of a rubber duckie.

I’ve been roving a bit & that specialized bit of ham radio is still fun: even a 
hard fought 33cm QSO with an ALINCO handheld & small yagi is fun.

At my age, transporting a bunch of extra gear & antennae does NOT entice me to 
carry more gear & cables to do FT....

Just remember that 50mhz & up contesting varies greatly in different parts of 
north America.  An effort which yields 20 qso & 4 grids is a joke in most 
cases: in Reno, nv that is a huge effort; in worcester, ma that is not an 
effort at all. 

BUT, i’m gonna continue vhf contesting.
Pete, n6ze/k1fjm

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