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Subject: [WriteLog] ATTN: M/M, M/S, M/2 Contest Stations
From: scot@k9jy.com (Scot Herrick)
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 03:36:29 -0000

I have been fortunate to operate from many multi sites (K4JA, K9NS, KS9K,
W0AIH, W9JZ) during contests. For many reasons, including the ability to use
CT on incredibly cheap PC's with DOS, CT has been the standard contesting
software at those sites. But DOS will eventually go away. Since Multi's have
a significant influence on a large number of operators, my hope as a
dedicated WriteLog user is to change the standard software for Multi-Ops to

WriteLog has some excellent Multi capabilities, especially as it relates to
networking PC's. It's also weak in some areas. What I would like to do is to
provide Wayne a combined slate of enhancement requests for WriteLog so that
he can work them for the fall contest season. If you are a Multi station
owner or have been using WriteLog in a Multi setting, I'd love to hear from
you (direct, I will publish a summary on the reflector) on what you want to
see improved in WriteLog for Multi operations.

I especially would like to hear from Multi stations with more than two
radios. Much of WriteLog is designed for a 2-station M/2 or M/S where the
bigger world class stations have 3-5 radios for the same category. How to
handle the 10-minute rule, how to handle 6 band changes per hour, how to
insure all the radios show up in the log (not just two radios in a four
radio setup), how to identify 'run' vs. 'multi' stations (both in a M/M and
M/S environment), and other features useful to Multi stations I would love
to know about.

Please respond to me directly at mailto:scot@k9jy.com and I promise to
collect, summarize, provide all requests back to the respondents, and mail
the list to Wayne. Let's make WriteLog THE choice for Multi stations with
the best features and best reliability. We can do that with your help.

Thanks...Scot, K9JY

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K9JY's WriteLog site http://www.k9jy.com


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