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[WriteLog] Fkey programming for SSB

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Subject: [WriteLog] Fkey programming for SSB
From: benko@aztek-eng.com (Larry Benko)
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 22:48:19 -0600
I have used WriteLog for a few CW contests without problems.  I am
starting to get ready for Field Day and a friend of mine who will be
th SSB operator asked me for help setting up WriteLog.  I am
embarassed to say that I can not get WriteLog to play any wave files
or record any.  The sound card etc. in the computer works fine and
programs such as Cool Edit Pro play and record wave files fine.  I
have reduced the problem to the simplest one I can imagine.  If I
press Shift-F2 and then a little while later the Escape key, I should
have somewhere on my computer a file named F2.wav.  Such a file does
not exist.  WriteLog did not give me any error messages.  Something
very obvious must be wrong.  I would appreciate a hint.

Larry Benko, W0QE

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