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[WriteLog] CW Memories with %F

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Subject: [WriteLog] CW Memories with %F
From: w6ya@home.com (Jim McCook)
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 16:58:13 +0000
While trying to finally get a better understanding of the codes for
programming the CW memories, I am stumped on the use of %F.

The goal is to program a memory to send the previous exchange after a
call has been logged and the entry field is clear.  The help file says
follow %F with the field numbers desired, which would be 3 and 1 in that
order, but to get a "5NN" out instead of "599" substitute "ENT" for
"3."  I can't get this to work by putting in "ENT" for "3."  I tried
%FENT1 the first time, but nothing else worked, either.  How do you get
this going?  Is there another way to send the previous exchange after
having cleared the entry field?

73, Jim

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