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[WriteLog] Multi-port serial card woes

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Subject: [WriteLog] Multi-port serial card woes
From: bnowak@telocity.com (Brad Nowak)
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 08:04:24 -0400
I would like to thank all that replied to my plea for help on this issue.

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked (I either tried all of them or
already had tried).

The problem was that windowsXP was somehow "reserving" the com ports with
absolutely no trace of the Lava card left in the device manager (including
hidden devices), drivers in the system32, or the registry (that I could
find).  I tried both the Regclean and Norton systemworks.  My surgury on the
registry even no longer allowed me to try to re-install the Lava card.

The driver that Lava supplies make it absolutely neccessary to uninstall the
device from the device manager BEFORE physically removing the card from the
computer.  With the original card gone (sent back to Lava), I could not
re-install it, then remove from device manager and remove from computer.

I ended up re-formatting the HD and starting over from scratch and of course
all is well now.  Just a lot of work ahead re-installing all of the SW and

Thanks again to all that provided suggestions,

Brad - N8SNM

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