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[WriteLog] some usefull things from TR

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Subject: [WriteLog] some usefull things from TR
From: Neal Sacon" <n7rx@arrl.net (Neal Sacon)
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 09:55:06 -0800
> The other question is why not to connect the puddle to LPT as in TR
> program??

WL doesn't have this feature. It used to bug me until I realized A) I use
the F-keys for fills in the 'test and hardly ever touch my paddle anyway; B)
It's (the paddle) one less piece of equipment to lug around and hook-up (I'm
almost always portable for 'tests these days) ; C) Alt-K works well enough
to deal with the thick or chatty.

Time would be better spent fixing the XP related problems, such as the LPT
port and Alt-K window size issues, in my opinion.

73 Neal N7RX

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