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Subject: [WriteLog] LOST RADIO POLLING
From: nd5s@arrl.net (Ron St.Laurent ND5S)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 18:20:28 -0500
With the exception of a radio polling problem the software ran great.  No CW
slurring as reported by others in the past and I was running up to 35wpm
with the computer generating the CW.

First the equipment:

- Computer, Pentium 4 1.7GHZ, 768 MEG RAM.
- Comm port 1 on "base" computer.
- Comm ports 3-4-5-6 on SIIG card.

- IC 756ProII connected to Comm 3 through a K1NU interface and set at a rate
of 1200 baud, also tried 9600 baud.  I am restricted to these 2 speeds as
the band info also changes antennas through my IBS1 band switch.
- CW on Comm 4.
- Rotor on Comm 5.

Here's the situation I had.  I would lose the radio connection and would
have to restart the program to get it back.  At first I thought this was RF
related so I added several toroids to the line and saw no improvement.  I
found out that while manually tuning the radio and watching the bandmap, I
would see the bandmap stop updating and the connection was again lost.
Subsequently I found that if I went to SETUP, PORTS and selected OK, the
connection between the software and rig would "snap" into communication.
Each time I wanted to send a spot to the cluster I had to verify that the
reported frequency was correct.  Also I would go to pick a station off the
bandmap and the radio would not change.  I did this at least a hundred times
over the weekend.

I reserve comm 1 for my RTTY TNC as it seems to behave well there.  As an
afterthought I should have tried the rig on Comm 1 to see if that improved
the situation.

Nothing like the heat of battle to see if everything works together.

Anyone else have this combination of equipment and saw the same situation?

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