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Re: [WriteLog] Window colours

Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Window colours
From: K4BEV@aol.com
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 10:39:48 EST
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In a message dated 12/1/03 9:34:04 AM Central Standard Time, 
Georgek5kg@aol.com writes:

> It would be nice to set up the screen for one-size-fits-all.
It would also be nice (VERY NICE) to be able to change the colors.
I can't be the only color blind op using WL. Whatever the color for 15 meter 
mults is - it's the same as the background color to me.... My wife insists 
that the little boxes are filled in with light blue, but I don't want to be in 
the assisted catagory just to find out what mults I need on 15.
All of the mults could be the same color (dark, pse) and the "map" could 
still be read.

73, Don - K4BEV
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