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[WriteLog] "B" Problem

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Subject: [WriteLog] "B" Problem
From: "McKay" <amckay@rabun.net>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 17:29:32 -0500
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Guys, any help with a couple of problems?

My WriteLog program now and then during a contest puts a red B beside a
contact. I know it means "out of band" or some other band problem.
However, in those contacts, I am well inside the band, calling CQ and
the stations before and after are logged properly. I right click on the
red B, then click on Count The QSO As Valid, etc but when I leave the
program and then return the old red B is right there.
Second problem: A couple of my contacts came up with a ? in the prefix
column and were not included in the total. For example, I only worked
one West Coast station, in EWA, and it was not counted and there is a ?
in the prefix column. Efforts by me to eliminate the question mark and
replace it with a one were not successful.
73, Archie, K4GA

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