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From: Jennings <leejen@paradise.net.nz>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 09:05:31 +1300
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I purchased WL a few weeks ago and as usual, learning a new logging program is 
a bit like trying to figure out how someone else thinks. It's an interesting 
exercise getting inside the programmers head. There is a tendency to say "What 
was he thinking when he wrote this feature?" But in the end the programmer 
always wins and one has to adapt your mind to the software writer's thinking.

The first thing I did was print off a PDF manual - all 300 + pages of it. And I 
read it and read it again. Boring as software manuals are, the name of the game 
is information before one hits the keys. To a certain extend the keys were a 
bit familiar when I used the program for the fist time. By the time the ARRL 
10M test rolled around on the weekend Writelog 10.43 was an old friend. Indeed 
it served me well during the contest and CT and N6TR are distant memories. 
Importation into DX4Win and origination of Cabrillo files are a breeze.

My strongest advice to anyone contemplating using Writelog is print off a 
manual FIRST and read it, then use the program. I find it interesting that many 
questions the originate on this reflector are actually covered in the manual.

Writelog is one of the most user friendly, adaptive programs I have ever used 
and is a tribute to the guys that wrote it.

73 de Lee ZL2AL 

ZL7AA, ZL8RI, ZL9CI, VE3OE, Pilot ZL7C - 2002. VK/ZL Pilot BQ9P - Oct. 2003. 
VK/ZL Pilot FR/J Europa Operation Nov/Dec 2003
Website: http://europa2003.free.fr My bio is at QRZ.com
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