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RE: [WriteLog] No audio in MMTTY plug-in only

To: writelog@contesting.com
Subject: RE: [WriteLog] No audio in MMTTY plug-in only
From: Kurszewski Chad-WCK005 <Chad.Kurszewski@motorola.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 20:33:39 -0600
List-post: <mailto:writelog@contesting.com>
Seems like the problem may be related to Writelog versions
10.43F and 10.44B.

I uninstalled Writelog, then installed 10.27GFULL, upgraded
to 10.42B, then installed the MMTTY Plugin, and all works
great.  Upgrade to 10.43F, it doesn't work (MMTTY loads
up fine in WL, but no waterfall/scope, as if there is
zero audio).  Upgrade to 10.44B, still doesn't work.
Uninstall WL, start with 10.27GFULL again, upgrade to
10.43F, install MMTTY Plugin, doesn't work.  Uninstall
WL, put in 10.27FULL, 10.42B and MMTTY Plugin, and it
works again.

10.42B Works
10.43F No works
10.44B No works

Anyone out there using WL 10.43F or 10.44B and MMTTY 1.65
and have it working???

Chad WE9V

> Well, this used to work, but don't know what changed other 
> than a newer version of MMTTY and a newer version of 
> Writelog.  Running 1.65C MMTTY and WL 10.44B.
> I can get MMTTY to work great in standalone mode, but now, 
> just recently, I'm not seeing any audio in the WL plug-in.  
> The plug-in initializes fine (no errors), and I double check 
> the audio card Device ID (1) and Source (right) and they 
> match what is used in the stand-alone MMTTY.  I've also fired 
> up the Windows Sound Mixer to verify that the line-in source 
> is selected and the level is fine.  
> Exit WL and load stand alone MMTTY, and all is fine.  Fire up 
> WL again, and no MMTTY audio.  Also, no TX audio if I press a 
> function key.  In addition, when I press a function key, the 
> TX text that normally shows up in the Rittyrite window 
> doesn't show up (the TX buffer).
> I've reinstalled MMTTY v1.63 and 1.65, and reinstalled the 
> MMTTY Plugin, and even reinstalled WL 10.44B.  All didn't help.
> Any ideas?
> Chad WE9V
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