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RE: [WriteLog] test message

To: "'WriteLog'" <Writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: RE: [WriteLog] test message
From: "Bob McCormick W1QA" <writelog@W1QA.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 13:47:28 -0500
List-post: <mailto:writelog@contesting.com>
> Sorry for bandwidth but I received an email indicating 
> "many" messages that I sent to the reflector had bounced 
> and I was going to be auto-removed.  I have not sent any 
> messages....


Messages being sent to YOU were being bounced?

That would make sense - but not messages you 
sent to the list being bounced (back to you?)

In any event - a quick look at the email headers
of the message(s) in question should tell you
(or this list admin, ISP admin, etc.) what is
going on.

Note: unfortunately a LOT of spam gets sent
out using forged from/reply-to addresses ...
your address could be used in such a fashion.
Additionally - some worms/virus also send their
spew using a similarly forged address ...
often one of the addresses that are found on
an infected system.

Bob W1QA

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