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Subject: [WriteLog] RE: Operating Systems and Specialized Software
From: Eric Hilding <dx35@hilding.com>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 23:40:52 -0700
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Jim, K9YC, wrote:

> This is NOT a pro audio issue -- in fact, it has nothing to do with pro audio at all. Rather,
> it addresses the question of what software ought to do and how it ought to behave. It
> comes down to understanding the larger scope of things so that one has reasonable
> expectations of software and software developers. Some who have responded to the
> networking thread have that larger perspective, and some do not. My post was an
> attempt to expand that perspective for those who lack it.

I think you did an excellent job of communicating what will become, IMHO, more of an issue to SSB ops in general as future audio-related functionalities are incorporated into logging programs in general. Very educational for now *and* beyond.

One thing is for sure...when the dialog box comes up saying you better download the latest v * r u s definitions. "DO IT NOW!"


Rick, K6VVA

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