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Subject: [WriteLog] Help
From: WG0M@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 07:20:50 EDT
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Good morning to all
I am new to WL and am having problems getting SO2R working.  In the past, I 
was using TR and all worked well.  DOS and all.

Problem is with comm port settings.  My computer shows I have COMM 1, Comm 2, 
Comm 5 and Comm 6.  I have Run rig on Comm2 and all is well.  I have S&P rig 
on Comm 5 and have problems.  The rig show it is communicating with the 
computer (Kenwood 870S), but the frequency readout is wrong.

In Writelog Ini, I set 

The rig is set to 4800

Second question is packet.  I have it on comm 1 but nothing is happening.  In 
packet terminal, I have selected com1.  I am using KPC 3+ set for 4800.  

How do I adjust cw speed?  How do I switch between run and s&p?

Thanks for the help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Michael WG0M
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