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From: "Kevin J. Rowett" <kevin@rowett.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 22:00:36 -0700
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HI Don,

> When I'm S&P and I see "TU", I'm immediately off the 
> frequency looking for the next contact.  I don't wait around 
> to see the rest of the message.  I S&P as fast as I can 
> possibly do it.  Maybe others aren't so fast to move away, 
> but once I know the contact is confirmed, I'm out of there.  

When I'm S&Ping, when I see the TU, I'm gone!  Especially
In a crowded band, I just need to move a bit to get a new
Running station.

CU in the California QSO Party, Oct 6-7, 2007

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