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[WriteLog] writelog via kam standard tnc in clone mode

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Subject: [WriteLog] writelog via kam standard tnc in clone mode
From: "ve2lx" <ve2lx@sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 01:13:54 -0500
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Hello to all
best wishes for christmas and new year

I added a TNC kam stdr to my pro3 recently for RTTY contests.

I was using writelog + mmtty but again decided to work with two different flat 
screens configuration.
Kam stdr as main and WL + MMTTY on clone in RTTYrite.

But there is a thing I do not like with WL transmit across the TNC...it put a 
steady tone (mark) (before) to start to TX (diddling the texte transmission 
Wtih WL and MMTTY that tone is but much shorter and almost not eared (being so 
In contests it is a time lost.
Can we reduce the time delay of (that TNC tone) in WL.ini file for he Kam TNC 
Or can we remove it by WL.ini...?
To compare using WL and MMTTY that tone is shorter.
With MMTTY alone it is also shorter and same delay.

During the last rtty contest while listening other stations, I eared only few 
stations with a long mark tone like that before the rtty texte is sent, 
probably mean the use a TNC?
Can someone help me...
Using two screens with a TNC and WL + MMTTY clone window (2 different units 
demodulating the same signal and texte sent) is very often helpfull to see 
calls end letters errors particulary in contests where speed is major.

If I can not ameliorate that situation i'll reconnect WL + MMTTY + rigbalster 
direct to the radio ACC 1 connector and then feed RADIO AUDIO to TNC AND to 
COMPUTER PORT...but I would really prefer to save that work and connect as it 
is now KAM main and WL - MMTTY in clone qindow saving me to modify physical 

Gilles   VE2LX    
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