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[WriteLog] MMTTY Plug in module with writelog problem

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Subject: [WriteLog] MMTTY Plug in module with writelog problem
From: "Gary Gross" <ke6qr@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 20:27:55 -0800
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Hi gang.
 I have been having a problem getting the writelog MMTTY plug in module to work 
correctly for some time now. My original problem was that no matter what I did 
MMTTY didn't transmit and receive on exactly the same frequency, there was 
usually about 60 Hz difference. I deleted both MMTTY and the plug in module, 
reinstalled and reinstalled a new copy. Now MMTTY stand alone works absolutely 
perfect. However, when I run the MMTTY plug in module through writelog the rtty 
signal sounds like its going too slow and my other radio with a Kam TNC wont 
decode the signal, although it is on exactly the same frequency. I have tried 
reverse polarity with the same results. IM running FSK through a USB port and 
once again if I switch back to MMTTY stand alone it works perfect. In the 
options, set-up ,Misc.,TX port pull down menu on the Plug in Module the second 
and third option for FSK or sound+FSk is greyed out, only sound is available. 
In the MMTTY stand alone nothing is greyed out and FSK i
 s selected. I have been trying for sometime to figure this out, any help would 
be appreciated. Thanks. Gary. ke6qr
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