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Re: [WriteLog] Cannot get sound card to work with any digital apps

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Cannot get sound card to work with any digital apps
From: "Hsu, Aaron (NBC Universal)" <aaron.hsu@nbcuni.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 15:05:12 -0800
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I would try a different sound card before the X-Fi "Extreme Audio".  It's 
predicessor, the X-Fi "Extreme Music" was apparently much better and is sought 
after by many.  Also looks like the "Extreme Audio" is a slightly different 
architecture than the rest of the X-Fi series as the drivers are not "unified" 
with other X-Fi cards.  Another problem is that Creative has yet to release a 
fully working (and stable) 64-bit driver for Vista - they've never been good at 
writing drivers.  I've never been a fan of Creative since the days of the 
"Adlib vs Creative Labs" wars, but I do use their products as they have the 
best "gaming" sound cards (I currently use an X-Fi Titanium Pro for gaming.

A possible alternative is to use some "pro" level audio adapter such as 
something from M-Audio or Lynx.  Audio specs will usually be better, but cost 
is higher and 64-bit driver support might still be lacking.

73 & GL,

  - Aaron, NN6O

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Subject: [WriteLog] Cannot get sound card to work with any digital apps

In no apparent order:

I have tried "Running As XP" with no difference.  I am using the latest 
version of Vista for MTTY.

Only have sound on the Main Board. Looking into adding a sound card just 
for digital. Still investigating my best choice.

Leaning towards the X-fi Xtreme Audio Pci Express 24BIT Sound Blaster 
card for about $50. Sure wish I knew how it would read on SoundCheck 
app. I would expect it to be pretty good. When it first came out it cost 
$799. I love deflation!  Does anyone have any feedback on this sound 

I need to get my setup to run with only 2 com ports and I am trying to 
do that on my old computer before I can remove 2 of my com ports from 
the new box. I need a slot to install a sound card in. None of my older 
USB to Serial port adapters will work with the new box. No Vista drivers 
available, especially for 64 bit system.

Nothing is muted. Sound works fine on the computer. Just can't get sound 
chip to work for Digital.

Looking into HRD as an option also.  Haven't installed it yet.

Had a lot of suggestions for Signalink USB unit but I already have 2 
MFJ-1279 Interface units so all I really need is audio. Looks like I 
will have to give up FSK and go to AFSK again if I can resolve the port 

Had the second unit just for FSK so I would not have to switch cables. 
Maybe I can hook it up to the FT100 and try some RTTY on 6 meters. Least 
of my worries right now.

Old computer setup on FT-1000MP MKV worked fine until I started playing 
with it last night to try to eliminate a Serial Port.  Digipan works. 
MMTTY does not diddle.  Have to compare settings with my Vista Laptop to 
see what I am setting wrong.  It diddles fine.

If I can get the old system working with 2 Com Ports I will have a plan 
for setting up the new computer once I get a second sound card.

Have to get through another day, here at work, before I can play with 
the computers again.
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