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Re: [WriteLog] Rttyrite crashes computer when FSK port selected

To: "'Dana Roode'" <dana.roode@gmail.com>, <writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Rttyrite crashes computer when FSK port selected
From: "Eric - VE3GSI" <ve3gsi@sympatico.ca>
Reply-to: ve3gsi@canada.com
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:46:07 -0500
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In the past I have had a Blue Screen crash with a COM port if I selected the
PK-232 and it was configured to use a USB port pseudo port. It is possible
to accidently select the PK-232 when setting up the Rttyrite terminal or the
clone window. I have never had a problem with MMTTY causing any crashes.

As for RTTY with RTTYrite, you are correct it does do a great job. But, I
seem to recall it does not support FSK via serial port and possibly the
earlier version did not support stereo input for two screens, sorry to say
it has been a long time since I have used RTTYrite for TTY, changing
hardware and operating preferences are the reason I no longer use it. As for
MMTTY, it does allow for a wide range of profiles required for changing band
conditions and is also support by most hardware which makes the software of
choice with most Ops.

Hope to catch you in print,
Eric - VE3GSI

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dana Roode
> Sent: February-22-09 3:08 PM
> Writelog folks,
> I am setting up a new computer to replace the one Im using now and I
> have Writelog 10.70C installed on it.  I am planning to use Sound
> Board + FSK mode as I have done on other computers.  When I go to
> select either of my two COM ports (that have nothing connected at the
> moment) the system Halts with a blue screen.  The Com ports work fine
> in other applications, including Writelog Rig control.
> Anyone seen this before?  Seems to me I have but I don't recall what I
> did to get around it. Maybe this happens when the port isnt connected
> to the TXD-FSK cable (which I don't have with me at present).
> On the topic of RTTY:: what's the main advantage of using MTTY instead
> of RTTYrite?  I have always use the latter and it has worked well.
>   Dana, K6NR

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