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[WriteLog] REMINDER: RTTY Contesting Survey

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Subject: [WriteLog] REMINDER: RTTY Contesting Survey
From: "Ed Muns" <ed@w0yk.com>
Reply-to: ed@w0yk.com
Date: Sat, 2 May 2015 03:58:46 -0700
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This is the last full weekend to complete the 2015 RTTY Contesting Survey,
which expires on May 9. With all the renewed interest in RTTY, we are hoping
that the number of responses in 2015 will exceed the 825 responses of
2010... and we are only half-way there at this point!

Whether you are a serious or a casual contester, we want to hear from you
about your shack, your contesting habits, and your opinions on a couple of
contentious contesting issues. This short survey - only 23 questions -
should take less than five minutes of your time.


Please take a few minutes and contribute to the effort. We will compile the
results and present them at the Dayton RTTY Forum the following weekend.
The results will also be archived on www.rttycontesting.com.

Thanks & 73,
Ed W0YK, Don AA5AU, Larry K8UT

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