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[WriteLog] IARU RTTY contest

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Subject: [WriteLog] IARU RTTY contest
From: "Dean St. Hill" <dmsthill@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 15:53:34 -0400
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Any thoughts on an appropriate module that could be utilised to get
WriteLog to play in this new contest this weekend. I would love to make a
few contacts but will depend on if I can get WL to work.

It's a bit disappointing to have a new contest that seems to have a unique
set of rules. I like the grid concept but the full six-letter grid? Also I
can't speak for others but many stations maybe 5% of my qso's in a typical
contest aren't serious contesters and sometimes just work a few needed
stations on particular bands. So the requirement if I understand the rules
to have qso credit only for stations in 15% of logs seems a bit much.

I guess also it is aimed mainly for South American stations as the noise
levels in summer are just not conducive to any serious activity on 40 & 80m
but I guess this is prime time for low band activity in SA and that is fair

Still good to see a new rtty contest and just hope some consideration could
be made to make it compatible with a wider range of loggers. It seems odd
to be practically endorsing one particular logger with little or no
consideration to the many existing loggers whether it is WL, N1MM or the
many others.

I use WL almost exclusively these days because the setups have become so
difficult and complex that if I use others I would spend too much time
troubleshooting problems.

Cheers and hope to work you this week-end

Dean 8P2K

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