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[Yaesu] Calibrating the FT-1000MP Tuning Meter including VR6812

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Subject: [Yaesu] Calibrating the FT-1000MP Tuning Meter including VR6812
From: WD8ARZ" <wd8arz@null.net (WD8ARZ)
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 13:41:29 -0400
It is not my normal policy to provide detail information that is available
in the service manual. However due to the nature of the note in the owners
manual for the FT-1000MP about not touching the VR6812 pot, and yet how easy
it is to accidently change it while making other acceptable adjustments, I
have relented and will provide the calibration information as it relates to
this function.

The following adjustment information comes from the FT-1000MP service
manual. This manual is a seperate purschase from Yaesu. On page 3-11 of the
service manual the location of the mysterious do not touch VR6812 pot is
ided as a Tuning Meter Center Preset. This same page has calibration
information for the Tuning Meter for CW, RTTY and PKT mode. The DC voltmeter
is specified as a "Digital DC Voltmeter (high-Z, 1Mohm/v).Alignment
Preparation at the begining of the service manual it says:

Except where specified otherwiise, the transeiver should be tuned to 14.2000
MHz, USB mode, and these controls set as indicated:

* MIC & RF PWR fully CCW (minimum)
* AR as required
* SQL fully CCW (minimum)
* NOTCH & SHIFT to 12-o'clock

Please read fully before performing. Not responsible for adverse affects, or
lack of results. I have put the word (reconcider) next to items that you
should leave as it is even though 'at This Point In The Manual' that is the
direction given. I am not sure if later in the service manual these
designated items are adjusted different from the presets given. Because
these items did not appear as adjustments to make following the preset
operations, I would suggest leaving them to the factory settings unless you
know what you are doing. Most of them are common sense and/or user
preferable settings. The next page in the manual goes onto Main Receiver
Signal Circuitry.

Adjustments are located under the hatch cover on the top right of the
FT1000MP case.

PKT Receiver AF Level Preset
* Preset VR3010 fully clockwise. (reconcider)

Key beeper level preset
* Preset VR3001 fully counter-clockwise. (reconcider)

Headphone Output Level Preset
* Preset VR6801, VR6802, VR6803 and VR6804 to their 12-o'clock postiions.

Tuning Meter Center Preset
* Preset VR6809~VR6812 to their 12 o'clock positions. Select CW mode, and
turn the SPOT function on.
* Connect the DC voltmeter to JW6803, and adjust the PITCH control for at
least 4.0v on the DC voltmeter.
* Connect the DC voltmeter to JW6804, and adjust the VR6811 for 2.7V + or -
0.1V on the DC voltmeter.
* Adjust VR6812 for a centered tuning meter indicaiton.

Tuning Meter Preset (CW, RTTY, and PKT mode)
* Recall menu function 3-5 and select "A1-PitcH" using the MAIN VFO-A knob.
Tune to 700hz using the PITCH knob ("C-700" displayed).
* Select CW mode, press the SPOT key, and adjust VR6811 for a centered
tuning meter indication.
* Select menu function 4-2, select RTTY mode, and tune to 2210 Hz using the
MAIN VFO-A knob.
* Select "bEEP-tun" using the SUB VFO-B knob, and adjust VR6810 for a
centered tuning meter indication.
* Tune a 2125 Hz beep frequency using the MAIN VFO-A knob, and select PKT
mode. Select "bEEP-tun" using the SUB VFO-B knob, and adjust VR6809 for a
centered tuning meter indication.

VOX gain, ANTI TRIP and delay preset
* Preset VR6805 (DLY), VR6806 (ANTI TRIP) AND VR6808 (VOX GAIN) to their
12-o'clock positions.

The owners manual has information for setting up the tuning meter for other
frequencies used in the digital modes, as well as some of the other
adjustments that you would be expected to adjust from time to time.

Note: I am not responsible for any errors from the manual, or any typos in
this email.

With out doing further research in to the owners manual ( which I dont plan
on doing at this time), this is all the information available in this
section of the service manual about the above items.

......and before you say it, yes I agree this information should have been
provided in the owners manual due to the function of the pot we are supposed
to leave alone, and the impact on the digital mode indications. It is also
one of the many reasons why I purchased the service manual........ hi hi

Tons of information about the FT-1000MP can be found at:

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

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