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[Yaesu] FT-847 / CAT / FAN / poor action from Yaesu

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-847 / CAT / FAN / poor action from Yaesu
From: mitch@narc.net (mitch on narc)
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 13:35:02 -0600
I Just got off the phone with Yaesu spoke with "mike" who was helpful in
that he will send me the commands for polling and control via the CAT
interface.  The are different than what is in the manual.

If anybody has them via email I would like them.
TNX in advance.

They do not have a fix for the Volume control yet.
nor for the fan problem..

Mitch@narc.net  VE6JTM


I have had quite a different experience in dealing with Yaesu !!! I
> e-mailed Yaesu on a Wed about 7pm & got a response the very next
> morning....They  have provided me with excellent customer service so
> far...I plan to send my FT-847 to  Yaesu after the Sept VHF contest...to
> have the CAT mod, & the volume mod done...I went to their web site &
> emailed it from there...maybe that will help...I'm sure they will let you
> return your rig to them...* have the mods done too....
> Dont know about the fan mod...my early model doesnt seem to have a
> problem....


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