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[Yaesu] FT-847 + Vox

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-847 + Vox
From: w2ki@amsat.org (John Hirth)
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:01:29 -0400
Hello Alex,

I've long ago solved the problem of not having enough hands.
I dislike VOX, so my solution was a foot switch plugged into
the PTT line of the mike jack along with my Heil headset
(or elsewhere on some radios). Heil and several others sell
an adapter for a few dollars that is tailored for each major
radio manufacturer's mic plug, and has a jack for the PTT foot switch
and another for the headset's microphone.  It's very easy to just
make your own. 

I've used foot switches in contests and in ragchewing for many
years.  With a headset it's the only way to go.

John W2KI
> Pa3dmh (Alex van Hengel) wrote:
> Hello,
> Alex TL5A is using his FT847 very succesfull. However, he is a bit limited in 
> his
> SSB operation having only two hands whilst he need at least three to do the 
> work.
> Is there anything on the market to solve this shortcoming i.e. a vox he can 
> use
> between Heil headset and his FT847 ?
> With the upcoming contest season any info is welcomed.
> Thanks 73
> -
> Alex PA3DMH
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