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[Yaesu] Esoteric 1000MP vs 1000D question

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Subject: [Yaesu] Esoteric 1000MP vs 1000D question
From: k0gu@hotmail.com (Jay Kesterson)
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 13:55:06 PST
A question for CW OPs that have used both the 1000MP and 1000D. I have both 
rigs sitting next to each other. I find the receiver performance about the 
same except for one thing. I listen to about a 400Hz note. On the 1000D when 
I tune in the note it seems like I hit a 'sweet spot' and a weak signal 
jumps out of the noise. I never seem to find the same spot on the 1000MP. Is 
there any control adjustments I can make to improve the CW response at 

Also it seems the APF on the D works better for me than the DSP on the MP. 
The APF sometimes makes the signal sound awful. But it still helps. Any MP 
DSP hints??


73,  Jay  K0GU    k0gu@hotmail.com

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