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[Yaesu] IF-232C Mobile

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Subject: [Yaesu] IF-232C Mobile
From: aa8u@modempool.com (Bruce Lallathin)
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:42:39 -0500
I want to use my FT-900CAT and the IF-232C interface to my IBM 380Z PC 
running NA. I'll be operating as a mobile rover station in the Michigan QSO 
Party in my Toyota 4WD. It would be great to have the radio and log 
inter-connected as at the home station. Trouble is, the IF-232C has no 
Yaesu supplied 12V input port.

The power supply section of the IF-232C has a bridge rectifier circuit. The 
positive side goes through a 12V regulator chip. I could input the vehicle 
+12 VDC at the +12 VDC output terminal and it would probably work without a 
problem. The negative side of the bridge is not tied directly to the 
chassis ground and I suspect if I tried to hook the -12 VDC from the truck 
here I would have lots of RF problems as a result. The center tap of the 
power supply transformer is tied to chassis ground NOT the low side of the 

Have any of you found a way to go mobile with the IF-232C?


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