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[Yaesu] (FT530) Replacement Battery

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Subject: [Yaesu] (FT530) Replacement Battery
From: w2ki@amsat.org (John Hirth)
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 07:53:35 -0400
My 530 charges aftermarket NiCds just fine from the DC power input jack.
You know that it won't charge 12v batteries that way, right? But has
always worked perfectly on the 7.2 volt batteries that I use (never
tried a 9.6). (Remember not to overcharge, though. There's no automatic
shut off.  Set your display to read the battery voltage and keep your
eye on it.)

73 and GL,
John W2KI
Raymond A Collins wrote:
> Jerry,
> Does your WW NiMH battery recharge in the FT-530 while you have the H-T
> plugged into a cigarette lighter?
> I ask this because my WW Nicad battery does not (Yaesu batteries do).
> 73,
> Ray, WX3A

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