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[Yaesu] FT-2500M Help Please

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-2500M Help Please
From: k0bx@qsl.net (k0bx@qsl.net)
Date: 10 Sep 2001 12:21:39 -0700
I have a 3 year old FT-2500M.  All has been working until last week.  Let me 
tell you the problem and see if you might have an opinion of a solution:
1.  Receive Ok
2.  Transmit - Full output and then NOTHING.  Right in the middle of a 
sentence, output to zero.
Then after a minute or two, full output again, may last the whole qso.

I first thought it might the high SWR on the antenna causing the shutdown.  But 
the antenna checked ok, and I moved the rig in the house and put it on the 
station antenna and later on a dummy load.  Same problem.  Hi/med/low power 
setting made no different.

The 3 things that come to mind that could be the problem are:
1.  BAD PA.
2.  BAD antenna relay
3.  BAD SWR circuit.
 Anyone have any ideas?  The PA is $90.00.  So Sending it to Yaesu, postage and 
parts would exceed the cost of a new rig.

Also if anyone has a circuit diagram that they could send me I would appricate 

Joe K0BX

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