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[Yaesu] ft-100d in cw

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft-100d in cw
From: kz2g@optonline.net (KZ2G)
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 15:58:29 -0400

I have a 100D installed in my van about 3 feet from my Pro-Am 20 meter whip,
The whip is mounted on the van's bumper.  I have not yet installed a ground
between the rig and the van's chassie.  I notice in CW the keyer
occasionally hesitates, mis-sending a letter.  i suspect RF from the nearby
antenna is getting into the rig's keyer.  i have tried dropping the power
from 100 to 20 watts to c if that solves the problem, but it doesn't seem
to.  i'm also wondering if the auto space feature of the 100D in CW might be
the culprit.  Any suggestions?  Like move my antenna farther away from the
rig?  or is it more complicatd than tha?  being disabled, it ain't easy
moving antennas around.

Bob, KZ2G
        Omni 6 Plus, C U on CW!
        See my Ham web at www.geocities.com/ram9872002/kz2g.htm

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