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[Yaesu] FL-700/FT990 - FT 1000 cable

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Subject: [Yaesu] FL-700/FT990 - FT 1000 cable
From: W0YR@aol.com (W0YR@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 10:37:05 EST
I have had several inquiries lately regarding the wiring diagram for the 
Yaesu part number D40000019, which connects the FL-7000 amplifier to the FT 
990 and FT 1000 rigs.

Here is the info.

One end of the cable goes to the Band Data socket on the transceiver.  It has 
an 8 pin DIN connector on it.  The other  end of the cable has a Molex 
female, nine pin receptacle.  It is Molex part number 3061092.  Radio Shack 
(special order) parts number 910-2748 available from www.radioshack.com for 
about a buck.  (IT IS NOT THE 274-239 9-PIN MOLEX available in RS Stores!)

Use 8-conductor SHIELDED cable to make up the cable.

Molex           8 pin DIN rear view

1                       shell
2                       7
3                       6
4                       5
5                       4
6                       2
7                       1
8                       8
9                       3

This will NOT work with the FT 980


Mike Lonneke

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