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Re [Yaesu] keyline current question

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Subject: Re [Yaesu] keyline current question
From: J. Leon Pringle, Jr and Audrey S. Pringle" <pringle50@comcast.net (J. Leon Pringle, Jr and Audrey S. Pringle)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:40:54 -0500

Heathkit used a Potter-Brumfield 3PDT Relay part number KA1521-1.

MORE THAN LIKELY...the resistance of the coil is 2,250 ohms as that was the 
normal resistance that series of relays used on the 120 volt models.  You 
probably would be safe in that assumption but to be absolutely sure I would 
suggest you refer to an old Radio/Electronics Master Catalog or perhaps an 
Allied or similar catalog.  That is an open frame style all purpose relay.  
Potter & Brumfield is now Siemans Relays....

Based on this assumption, you can expect the coil current to be approximately 
53.3 milliamperes ignoring any reactive effects of using AC current to energize 
the relay.

J. Leon Pringle, Jr.   W5NA

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