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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: Yaesu FT-990
From: ab5dr_rubin@juno.com (Rubin P Thornton)
Date: Sun Jul 13 00:20:29 2003
Hi David,
I bought my FT-990 used. It is the DC version.  I got it in spite of the
fact that I said I  would never buy another YAESU after owning a brand
new FT-900AT. I paid $1350 for that dog and gave it away for $500 a
couple of  years later. I kept it in the box most of the time.   First of
all, the FT900 was too small and secondly it did not have an RF Gain
Control like the FT-890AT,  which was basically the same radio,  without
a removable front panel. I asked YAESU why didn't they include it. They
even had a fix but they would not give it to me.  I don't DX, so I just
want a radio where when the locals come in strong I can turn the RF Gain
Control down and turn up the Audio Volume. Makes arm chair copy sound
like stereo.
Anyway, after I got rid of that damm usless FT-900, I got a real radio
for my motor home, an ICOM 706MKIIG and have not been sorry since.  

Now back to the FT-990, I am from the old school.  A radio should be big.
Most radios today like the  FT-900 and the ICOM 706MKIIG have small
screens, tiny buttons to push, and thousands of menu selections to choose
from.  Who needs it??? Plus, once you get them off the norm, ain't no way
to get them back while you are driving. Even at home in the shack, you
have to break out the book and the magnifying glass to get them set up
properly again. The FT-990 is great. Easy to program. Easier to operate.
Yes it has a little audio hiss but like I said, I like to Rag Chew.  Now
that I have my FT-990 setup, all I do is hit the power button, to turn it
ON and OFF.  Rotate the MEMORY knob to select my pre-programmed
frequency.  Adjust the af gain and RF GAIN. All the other bells and
whistles are not used.  At least on the FT990 you don't have to wade
through THOUSANDS of menus to operate. Just key the damn mic and go. When
I sit in front of the BIG FT-990 I feel like I'm in control. I like the
big knobs, the analog S-meter. I can read the labels under each knob or
switch.  I can read the digital readout. Plus it almost sounds as good as
a Kenwood, smile.

Rubin AB5DR
FT-990, FT-101E,  FT-102,  FT-401B, FL-2000B, TEMPO ONE

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>From: David Vondrasek <n5ito@davidv.net>
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>Subject: [Yaesu] FT-990
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>Im replacing my dead Kenwood 930 after it started smoking and found a 
>deal I hope on a FT-990 (AC) can anyone give me their view on this 
>radio ?
>Pros - Cons ? I've read all the reviews and it seems to be the best 
>short of the 1000, some say better in some areas.. I can't find any 
>specs or options it has on any webpages, just basic stuff. Anyone have
>detailed info on this little radio ?
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>Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:34:17 -0400
>From: "Thomas Giella KN4LF" <kn4lf@tampabay.rr.com>
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>Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990
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>  I owned an FT-990 DC for approximately one year. I bought it used 
>and =
>it came with the last firmware update of v1.3. As I found out after 
>the =
>fact the FT-990DC came without the 500 hz CW filter. The FT-990 is a =
>nice looking rig with excellent internal design and good outside =
>operating ergonomics. It comes with lot's of useful bells and whistles 
>for DXing, except of course IF DSP. I used a Timewave SP-9+ and it =
>worked well, in conjunction with the built in excellent performing 
>audio =
>  My particular FT-990DC was prone to microprocessor lockup, which =
>required a hard reset to correct and you lost stored memories and 
>other =
>preset operating parameters. The FT-990 DC I owned suffered a =
>catastrophic RF board failure. The replacement board cost $300+ 
>straight =
>from Yaesu in CA. I sold mine to another individual that was willing 
>to =
>spend $300+ to get it working again.
>  As a 160 meter DXer I found that the dynamic range was limited and 
>the =
>receiver suffered IMD from nearby powerful AM broadcast band stations 
>on =
>160. An outboard MFJ preselector took care of the problem though. The 
>receiver also suffered from unacceptable hiss in the audio which was =
>fatiguing and the built in audio filter had to be on at all times to =
>knock it down. I have personally found that my much less expensive =
>FT-840 has a better receiver then the FT-990, as far as IMD problems 
>on =
>  Using the MD-100a8x mic I always got good audio reports and ran mine 
>with transmit audio tailoring at +200 hz but the internal active audio 
>filtering of the mic does not work with the FT-990. I devised a mod to 
>make mine work however. The built in auto tuner worked very well and 
>the =
>transmitter ran very cool even at 150 watts out.
>  Overall I found the FT-990 to be a good rig but not second to the =
>  =20
>Thomas F. Giella, KN4LF
>Plant City, FL, USA
>Florida Space & Atmospheric Weather Institute:
>Friend Website Design Studio:
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