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[Yaesu] Re: FT1kD (Low-level/Aux) AF OUT Interface

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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: FT1kD (Low-level/Aux) AF OUT Interface
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon Jul 21 20:46:26 2003
So, I access audio out and audio in with my DVS2 - isn't that stuff all 
on that din plug?


Vince wrote:
> Hello Rob (and Joe, W4JSI):
> Thanks for taking the time to reply to my posting.  
> The interface that I use here is homemade and very simple, Rob. It
> includes two audio transformers (Radio Shack), one inserted in the LINE
> INput (for receive audio) and the other inserted in the LINE OUTput (for
> transmit audio).  I use two fixed value resistors (100k and 1k) that are
> connected across the secondary winding to reduce the modulation audio
> for the FT1kD. 
> When I cabled from the AF OUT jack to the MICrophone input at the sound
> card and ran MMTTY, I was able to see small peaks at the RTTY Mark and
> Space frequencies, but printed text was very poor. That was a direct
> cable connection between AF OUT (radio) and MICrophone input (sound
> card).  While the sound card microphone Boost was enabled, I saw what I
> think was 60 Hertz spikes; so, I will need to isolate that connection
> channel with a (step up) transformer if I ever decide to use it again.
> It was at this point that I observed that the front panel controls (AF
> and RX MIX) appeared to affect the amplitude of the AF OUT signal (as
> indicated by the MMTTY displays).  I will attempt to repeat that here,
> because others have reported that their front panel controls do not
> affect the AF OUT level, which is in agreement with the description
> given within the Operating Manual.
> At present, I do use the AF OUT signal to drive an external stereo audio
> amplifier that drives the speakers used with my PC. Because
> howling/distortion is present during transmissions on certain HF HAM
> bands, my plan is to add a (step up) isolation transformer for that
> configuration. 
> Rob. there is no PATCH Audio out on my FT1kD. In my configuration, the
> PATCH INput jack is used to receive the attenuated AFSK signal that is
> derived from the sound card LINE OUTput signal. 
> Joe, I am using VOX control, but will perhaps wire up a COM port for PTT
> and a couple of relays, because I would like to have better operational
> control while using SSB voice/SSTV. 
> Can anyone here suggest a source for a step-up transformer?  The AF OUT
> is spec as 200 millivolts, 600 ohms Z.    
> 73 and thanks again,
> de ~ Vince ~
> WA2RSX   IOTA  NA-026
> Robert Kennedy wrote:
>>Hi Vince,
>>What type of interface are you using?  Many interfaces introduce
>>(using a resisitor or POT) on the line between the audio out of the
>>rig and
>>the line input of the sound card.
>>Also check your sound card mic and line input settings of the sound
>>(via START -- SETTINGS -- CONTROL PANEL).  Many sound cards have the
>>20 db
>>attenuation setting ON by default for the sound card mic connector and
>>do the same fo rthe line input as well.
>>On the FT-1000D you should use the PATCH Audio out RCA jack instead of
>>STEREO mini audio out jack.  If you are using the later, the audio and
>>controls will affect the signal going to the mic input of the sound
>>(Also make sure you are using the right channel -- left or right).
>>If all else fails, connect a small audio filter with a built in audio
>>between the audio output source of your choice and the sound card line
>>jack to give you the control you want.
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