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Subject: [Yaesu] [Fwd: FT-736R SAT Tx Mode]
From: billell@attglobal.net (Bill Ellington)
Date: Mon Jul 28 21:06:36 2003
Many thanks to John, N4QWF, for helping me solve the problem. It took a 
processor/memory reset. Now all's well.


-------- Original Message ----

Can anyone give me advice? Have borrowed an FT-736R that seems to work 
well, except in satellite mode. When I set Rx mode, it works fine, but 
when I try to set Tx to a band/freq, all I get is ERROR on the frequency 
display. If I do a memory check, it says 50MHz on one memory, which 
isn't even installed, and I can't seem to change it. Any ideas would be 
most welcome. In non-SAT mode, both VFO's work fine. Yep, I've read the 
manual for what that's worth.

Net question is, why do I get ERROR when going to Tx Mode?

Thanks, Bill

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