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Re: [Yaesu] FT-990 Folds Back Power on 40M

To: Yaesu@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-990 Folds Back Power on 40M
From: <w1nk@cox.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 21:40:40 -0400
List-post: <mailto:yaesu@contesting.com>
Yes... all the other bands and modes (well, except AM) show 100W output.  What 
strikes me as strange is that it's *only* on 40M RTTY that the power drops.

The more I think about it, I wonder if heat has something to do with it.  In 
both instances over the weekend, I was on 40 RTTY after being on 20 RTTY for 
about a good 60 to 90 minutes.  Then after letting the rig "rest" (even 
overnight) the power out would slowly creep back up (after a night's rest, I 
got a full 100W out).  Even if heat was a factor, should I see a fairly 
consistent power drop on all bands/modes??

Frank, W1NK

---- GGLL <nagato@arnet.com.ar> wrote: 
>       Yes, because the trimmer capacitor failure could lead to a frequency 
> shift 
> well outside the filter passband. An erratic "note" monitored in another 
> receiver is heared when this kind of failure happens.
> This is the one thing I guess is your problem because you mention that CW 
> power out is fine (do you obtain the same pep in SSB?).
> Best regards
> Guillermo - LU8EYW.
> w1nk@cox.net escribiÃ:
> > When you ask if the output frequency is stable, I assume you mean am I 
> > noticing any VFO drift?  If so, then no, the VFO is stable.
> > 
> > Thanks though,
> > 
> > Frank, W1NK
> > ---- GGLL <nagato@arnet.com.ar> wrote: 
> > 
> >>    Is the output frequency stable in that mode?.  I suspect a defective 
> >> part in 
> >>the related oscillator; perhaps a trimmer cap.
> >>
> >>Best regards
> >>Guillermo - LU8EYW.
> >>
> >>w1nk@cox.net escribiÃ:
> >>
> >>>This has me truly puzzled....
> >>>
> >>>Last night and tonite during the CQWW RTTY contest, I noticed that my
> >>>FT-990 is folding back power only on 40M RTTY.  I've watched my watt meter
> >>>indicate 50, then 40 then 30 watts out.  Switch to CW, 100 W out.
> >>>
> >>>Any other band is fine...100W out on RTTY (or any other mode for that
> >>>matter).
> >>>
> >>>The rig is running cool to the touch, the fan is kicking in
> >>>appropriately... so I assume heat is not an issue.
> >>>
> >>>Operating time seems to be a factor....in other words, prior to switching
> >>>to 40 I had been on 20 for about an hour or so.  This morning after the rig
> >>>had "rested" overnight, I had 100W out on 40.
> >>>
> >>>Thoughts??
> >>>
> >>>Thanks, Frank, W1NK _______________________________________________ Yaesu
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> >>>http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/yaesu
> >>>
> > 
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