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To: "Reflector Yaesu" <Yaesu@contesting.com>
From: "Ralph Beverly" <Rbeverly@insightbb.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 14:02:43 -0400
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After 35 years of hamming, I've decided to go mobile to appease the 
condo-Nazis.  I purchased the 857D and installed it in one vehicle, with the 
other one to follow soon.  Perhaps I'm just stuck on stupid here, but I can not 
find a way to adjust the power output on a given band.  My FT890AT and my FT847 
both have concentric knobs, with the inner one labeled "Mic Gain" and the outer 
ring labeled "RF Out".  The 857 has none.  I've been through the menus and the 
closest thing I find is Menu 075, a Maximum Output, per Band menu.  The manual 
makes no mention (that I can find) about adjusting power output.

It is a must for me to run the rig mobile at a lower power level without frying 
the electronics on the automobiles.

Also, does anyone know what the value represents the displayed number in Menu 
Mode 075?  A value is displayed and is supposed to represent the maximum power 
out for each band .  But is the value expressed as watts or a percentage of 
maximum power?  Page 109 of the manual is of no help.  For example, if I'm on 
6M, and activate Menu 075, it displays "50".  Fifty what?

Love the size and flexibility of the 857D, but methinks Yaesu has crammed a few 
too many features into the limited space, some at the expense of others, like 
Power Out knob. 

de, Ralph W4REB        W4REB@arrl.net                             
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