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[Yaesu] Dual Band HT, 2 m HT, HT accessories and more FS

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Subject: [Yaesu] Dual Band HT, 2 m HT, HT accessories and more FS
From: "Ken Simpson, W8EK" <W8EK@flham.net>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 11:40:56 -0400
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Dual Band HT, Two meter HT, HT Accessories, and VHF/UHF
related equipment for sale,
such as Protective Cases, Speaker Microphones, Belt Clips,
Wrist Straps, Rubber Ducks, and more:

Yaesu VX-3 dual band HT:

The compact VX-3R 2m/70cm FM HT Transceiver is loaded with
convenience features. In additon to top quality performance
on 2m and 70cm, you will also be able to enjoy stereo FM and
AM broadcast band reception.

The Yaesu VX-3R 2 meter/440 MHz handheld has extensive receive
frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur
communications along with unmatched monitoring capability.
The VX-3R receives: 500 - 1800 kHz (AM Band), 1.8 - 30 MHz
(Shortwave), 30 - 76 MHz (VHF Lowband with 6M), 76 - 108 MHz
(FM band), 108 - 137 MHz (Air Band), 137 - 174 MHz (VHF High
band with 2M), 174 - 222 MHz, 222 - 420 MHz (VHF band with 220),
420 - 470 MHz (440), 470 - 800 MHz and 800 - 999 MHz (800 band
[cellular blocked]). You get a huge 1000 channel memory system.

Power output with the supplied Lithium Ion battery is 1.5 watts
VHF and 1 watt UHF. With the optional E-DC-21 DC adapter output
jumps to 3 watts and 2 watts!

This particular HT is like new. It works 100%, and looks like
new, with no scratches. It has its original box, rubber duck
antenna, LiIon Battery, charger, and paper work all for only $175.

Yaesu HT Accessories:

Real Yaesu Battery pack for Yaesu VX-2 or VX-3 HT
FNB-82 LI Lithium Ion Battery Pack fits both the VX-2 and the
VX-3. 3.7 volts, 1000 mahr, works great, and holds a charge
like new. $22

CSC-71 Case for VX-1 dual band HT
Close to new condition. No visible wear. $16

FBA-20 "Empty battery Pack" for VX-1
Takes a single AA cell, which can be alkaline, NiCad, NiMH,
etc. Like new. $18

Belt Clip for Yaesu FT-207, with hardware. $8

Wrist Strap for Yaesu FT-209, and probably others $4

Yaesu Hat
This "Ball Cap" has Yaesu on the front of it in big letters.
It is white and says "Yaesu" on the front, with the Yaesu
logo. It has never been used. $6

ADI-201, 2 meter HT:

The ADI-201 is a really great HT. It features up to 5 watts
power output (actually about 5 W, 2.5 W and 0.3 W in three
power ranges). It can be powered by many different voltages
from 5 V to 16 V DC, producing different power outputs. It
covers not only the 2 meter band, but also receives in the
public service bands, including the weather frequencies, so
it is ideal for such things as Skywarn. It has full tone
capabilities, handling subaudible CTCSS PL tone encode and
decode, along with some paging functions. DTMF tones are
also available. Of course it has 40 memories, scan features,
and all of the things one would expect in a modern 2 meter HT.

This particular HT has the 12 V high power battery with it.
It looks very, very good (I can not find a scratch on it),
and works 100%. It includes the HT, rubber duck antenna,
belt clip, wrist strap, charger, and paper work for $75.

Rubber Duck antennas for your HT.
All are for 2 meters, are in good condition,
and are $10 each, unless stated otherwise.

BNC Regular length, 6 1/2 inches long
BNC - Original from Kenwood TH-215 HT, 5 inches long
Alinco Stubby w/BNC Connector, 4.6 inches long

5/16 inch threaded, like used by Motorola and others
Stubby - 4 inches long

Type F connector - 6.5 inches long

PL-259 connector - 6.5 inches long
HyGain 275, still in original packaging

PL-259 connector - Stubby - 4.6 inches long
Centurion, still in original package

Special for Kenwood TH-21 HT threaded connector
Kenwood RA-6 regular, 6.6 inches long - $15

BNC Stubby for 440 MHz, 3 inches long

Speaker Microphones:

MFJ-287 Speaker Microphone
This was used on a Kenwood TH-225 HT, but it also fits
the TH-21/31/41 series HTs, TH-215, TH-415, as well as
others. It has a 3 conductor 3.5 mm plug and a 2 conductor
2.5 mm plug. Coiled cord is somewhat stretched, but it
works fine. $12

Kenwood SMC-24 speaker microphone
Fits Kenwood TR-2400 HT and others. This one looks fine
and works fine. $18

Azden SDX-316
This is the rounder style speaker mic that fits nicely in
the palm of your hand. Has 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm plugs for
Azden, Icom, some Yaesu, and others. $ 20

Protective Cases:

Yaesu CSC-71 Case for VX-1 dual band HT
Close to new condition. No visible wear. $16

Kenwood SC-13 Vinyl Case
For TH-215, TH-225 and others, with room for the larger
PB-1 and PB-4 battery packs. It can also be used with
the smaller PB-2 and PB-3 packs. Black color. Great
condition. $15

Case for Drake TR-33C
This is the black case that fits the Drake TR-33C, and has
cutouts in the back for antenna, power, etc. It includes
the shoulder strap, and is in good shape. $12

Case for Drake TR-22
As above, but for the TR-22. No shoulder strap. $10

Leather Case for Santec HT
This is a real Bianchi Leather case -- not a vinyl case.
It fits most of the Santec HTs, such as the HT-1200,
ST-142, ST-144, ST-440, etc. The real leather case
includes a built in belt clip, plus a removable leather
shoulder strap. $25

Belt Clips:
All include the hardware with the belt clip and are $8 each.
Kenwood BH-2 for Kenwood TH-215 / 225 / 415, etc.
Kenwood BH-3 for Kenwood TH-21 / 31 / 41 series HTs
Kenwood TR-2400
Yaesu FT-207

Wrist Straps for various HTs - $4 each
Kenwood TH-215 / 225 / 415, etc.
Kenwood TR-2400
Yaesu FT-209

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK@FLHam.net or W8EK@arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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